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The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal (FURJ) aims to promote scholarly investigation and critical thinking through undergraduate research.

Book Review: Sacred Dread
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Making Midtown
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"The Right to Bare Arms": Implications of Feminist-Humanitarian Justifications for War
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Probing the Formation of Ferulic Acid Derived Nanoconjugates as Building Blocksfor Antioxidant Applications
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Yoshitomo Nara and child as Hero
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Undergraduate students' views of Fordham University

Contraceptive Networking: The Birth Control Pill in America

"The Right to Bare Arms": Implications of Feminist-Humanitarian Justifications for War

Video Games and Community: The Complex Social Nature of the Video Gaming World

From the Underground to the Mainstream: The Distribution of EDM's Sounds, Events, and Drug Culture to the Masses

Book Review: Bacon, Edmund M. "Design of Cities"

In the richly illustrated Design of Cities, Edmund Bacon makes a forceful argument for shaping cities into more aesthetically complete, lyrical, and ordered compositions that will be a “true expression of the highest aspirations of our civilization,” drawing valuable lessons from the cities of the past to do so (13). Read more .

Attraction and Education: Whether Intellectual Indicators of Future Success Make Men More Attractive to Women in a Period of Mating Optimism

According to evolutionary studies, women seek out ‘breadwinning’ males to ensure the safety of their future offspring. A period of mating optimism paired with evolutionary theory suggests that women, regardless of their own potential, will consider a male’s earning potential if given the opportunity when judging the attractiveness of a particular male. Read more

“She wept for him:” Sympathy and Male Power in Sense and Sensibility

Elinor Dashwood, the heroine of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, is known for being introverted and level-headed, but she isn't universally anti-emotion. Though she consciously suppreses her own emotions and encourages her sister, Marianne, to do the same, Elinor is eager to sympathize with the male characters in the novel. Through her judgements about who may and may not express emotion, Elinor inflicts an emotional disinheritance on herself and her sister which mirrors their financial disinheritance through the system of primogeniture...Read more

Reclaiming a Cultural Identity: Ghanaian Hip-Life and the Bronx

Since emerging from the South Bronx three decades ago, the American hip-hop movement has developed an international following. While contributing to cultural homogenization, the dissemination of American hip-hop has also spawned new genres abroad that showcase local musical styles. The creation of the hip-life movement in Ghana illustrates this phenomenon. This essay examines the exportation of American hip-hop to Africa and the ways that musicians integrated hip-hop with indigenous styles to create hip-life... Read more

Computational Studies of sl2 Conformal Blocks

Conformal field theory plays a key role within the study of string theory and mathematical physics. This paper investigates a class of conformal blocks, which are important in the Wess-Zumino-Witten model of conformal field theory. Read more

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